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Ginger with Roots

Soil and Spice and Everything Nice!

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Nice to Meet You

Hi! I'm Dana, a redhead who planted her roots in South Carolina with her husband-Bob, their three daughters, three labradoodles, and a few chickens. I believe that when life knocks you down, dig in the dirt!

In times of stress, I instinctively end up outside to work the soil and get grounded. Truly there are benefits to feeling the warmth of the sunshine, smelling the damp earth, and simply reconnecting with nature. More than once, I have found myself in the garden with a neighbor or relative who is in distress. As we pick blueberries and check for eggs, we talk and find comfort in the most basic tasks. The struggles slowly dissipate, and a sense of wellbeing replaces the anxiety. Allow me to share this solace with you as I journey through the seasons in my garden.

redhead lady gardening in kitchen garden

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