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Christmas with an Orange Door

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

wood Christmas ornament on tree lights

Our front door is perfect for autumn. The warm orange color plays so nicely with the fall leaves, pumpkins and mums. Then Christmas shows up with all of the red and green decor and our front door slams shut. Talk about colors clashing! So how do you decorate an orange front door for Christmas?

To decorate my coppery orange door for Christmas, I experimented with 5 wreaths.

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#1 The Winterberry Wreath

orange door with wreath with white snowberries and green bow

I like ribbons and accents that are frosty white, ecru color, golden green or deep chocolate velvet. This wreath has white snowberries that stand out against the orange door for Christmas. The yellow tones in the green ribbon play nicely, too.

*Ginger Tip:

Wrap a battery powered mini light string around the wreath and tuck the pack behind it for an instant 'pre-lit' wreath. Fairy Lights work beautifully for this!

#2 The Evergreen Wreath

orange door with evergreen wreath with dark green velvet bow and ice skate ornament

In order to use a traditional evergreen wreath, I looked for one with warm accents like brown pinecones or dried orange slices. This faux wreath from Wayfair looks very nice. I added the wooden ice skates ornament as a fun accent. I love how this one looks on our orange door for Christmas.

*Ginger Tip:

Use a faux wreath as a base and add to it with real greenery and accents. The 'wired branches' can be used to hold the extras instead of dealing with any glue.

#3 The Magnolia Wreath

orange door with faux magnolia wreath with dark green velvet bow

In my search for a wreath, I found this one with faux magnolia leaves. It's not exactly what I was trying to find, but it is very pretty. I think it appeals more to me for next fall on my orange door instead of Christmas, though. When I get my hands on a true Magnolia wreath, I will update this blog post to show how it looks!

#4 The Festive Wreath

orange door with wreath with bright colored ornaments

To get into the spirit of the holidays, I thought a wreath with fun bright festive colors including orange would really brighten our front door. My Clemson friends and neighbors love this wreath! This wreath actually has built in battery operated lights. If you look closely, you can see them. It's very pretty at night!

#5 The Grapevine Wreath

orange door with grapevine wreath and grass greenery

When using greenery, stick to ones that have yellow tones like moss, eucalyptus or sage. I like how this wreath's colors look against the orange door. It's similar to Wreath #1 in that regard. I'm not sure about the white flowers, though. They are not wintry enough for Christmas. Perhaps a cluster of frosty pine cones and white berries would be better?

The family members voted on their favorite orange door wreath, and everyone chose a different one! I like #1 the best. Which one is your favorite wreath?

Joyful Decorating for Christmas with brightly lit tree

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1 commentaire

14 déc. 2023

I love #5 The Grapevine Wreath. Very whimsical and fun, and Christmasy. Love Mom



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