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Easy Brunswick Stew for Fall

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Brunswick stew on stovetop

It might be 85 degrees here in South Carolina in September, but the feeling of fall is right around the corner. That means back to school, football and soups! After working so hard in the garden this summer, I have plenty of homegrown veggies to use up. Right now in the garden, I have more okra than I know what to do with so Brunswick stew came to mind. It’s also the perfect way to use some of those vegetables in the freezer. (See my post Harvesting Carrots!)

pork tacos with homemade tortilla chips

Bob made a Boston butt on the Big Green Egg recently, and it was spectacular! I froze the leftover shredded pork and have been using it here and there for breakfast burritos, tacos, etc. I put the rest of it to good use in the Brunswick stew last night and it was top notch! I had just pulled a rotisserie chicken to have on hand for homemade chicken noodle soup (this time of year also means everyone gets sick!), so I decided to add some to this stew as well. Both meats had a strong BBQ flavor already, so I did not add BBQ sauce like a lot of traditional Brunswick stew recipes require. I did add a some extra ingredients to thicken up and flavor the broth, though.

I gathered what I had on hand to make my own version of Brunswick stew: onion, garlic, frozen sliced homegrown carrots , fresh homegrown okra, frozen lima beans, frozen corn, chicken broth, 1can fire roasted tomatoes, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, frozen pulled pork and shredded rotisserie chicken. I was definitely winging it with this recipe... First, I sautéed some diced onion in olive oil and then I added a clove of garlic. I then added the remaining ingredients and brought it to a boil. While it simmered for about thirty minutes, Bob baked home made corn bread to go with it. We both agreed this turned out to be a delicious meal! Now we just need some cooler weather! (See full recipe here).

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bowl of white bean soup with croutons and sprig of sage

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