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Holiday Gifts for the Gardener

Updated: Mar 13

brown paper package under tree

Sharing the bounty from a harvest with friends and family is the sign of a true gardener. We love to offer up extra vegetables, flowers, berries and even just spending time together in the garden. That's why I started this blog. I wanted to share the joy of putting down roots and connecting with each other. Now is the perfect time to give back to those gardeners. With the help of my fellow horticulturists, I have curated a list of holiday gifts for those who love to dig in the dirt!

All products are linked in their photo.

Please keep in mind that I may receive commissions at no expense to you when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and opinions. I only endorse products or services that I believe are worthy of such an endorsement.

Gifts Under $25

Gardening Gloves are essential for every gardener. I personally use nitrile coated ones the most often, but also need my leather gloves (short and long) for tackling tougher chores and thorny branches.

red garden gloves

Plant Markers are always appreciated and easy to tuck into a stocking.

plant marker rosemary

Small Clippers are super handy in the garden. I reach for the micro-tip Fiskars the most often. I especially like the one with the serrated edge for those odd moments in the garden like removing the tag on a new plant or helping cut through a tough stem.

small garden clippers

The Hori Hori Knife is definitely one of the most suggested gifts for the gardener that my friends recommend. It's handy for tight spaces between plants when a shovel would be too destructive. For example, I use mine when removing established plants from the raised beds and the roots are tough to break.

wood handled hori hori knife on stump

wooden dibbler with gardening gloves and bucket of soil

The Dibbler or Dibber (both names are correct) is another great stocking stuffer for the gardener. It's used to make perfect depth/size holes for planting seeds neatly in the soil.

I will be adding this to my own list this year!

Turquoise plastic garden colander basket

A Harvest Basket like this one makes collecting freshly cut herbs and vegetables a breeze. My sister gave me this one for my birthday and I love it! I have also seen one that has a center section for holding garden tools. The 'colander' style allows for a quick rinse before heading indoors.

green planter's mat for indoor gardening

The Plant Mat is waterproof, easy to clean and easy to store when not in use. I wish I had this when my daughter and I were transplanting my monstera plant last month.

woman with sun hat and ponytail

A Sun Hat is a very thoughtful gift for the gardener who spends extensive periods of time outside and requires skin protection. Being a redhead, I own several of these! I especially like this one because it has a hole for the ponytail out the back. IYKYK! I have given this hat as gifts to family members in the past and they are always well received!

Gifts Under $50

garden weasel tool for tilling

The Garden Weasel came up more than once in recommendations as a favorite gift for gardeners. This adjustable one has two sizes to work the soil at ground level and in raised beds. I am adding this to my own wish list

seeding square in package

The Seeding Square is another highly recommended gift for gardeners. Use it to prepare accurately spaced holes for seeds and to funnel the seeds into the proper hole. I wish I had this when I was planting spinach.

garden gloves with trake tool and bucket of soil

The Trake, a trowel and rake all in one? Rake the soil, flip the tool and dig the hole. What genius thought this up? This looks like a perfect gift for the gardener who has everything.

drip irrigation tubing in bed of lettuce

A Drip Irrigation Kit might seem overwhelming as a gift, but this kit has everything you need to get started. I wish I had done this years ago when I first started gardening. It would have made life so much easier! I will be putting this under the tree for a few lucky family members this year!

pop up debris bag next to shed

A Pop Up Debris Bag may not sound glamorous, but this is one of those gifts that will be appreciated by the recipient. It is light weight, durable, useful and easily stored when collapsed. I love mine so much that I bought two!

Gifts $100-$300

flier for garden stalk tower planter

The Greenstalk Vertical Planter would make a wonderful gift for the gardener who is limited in yard space and/or seasonal opportunity to grow plants. Simply water the top and it trickles down to all of the planters. It can be used indoors or outdoors. My friends swear by it for growing strawberries!

black gorilla cart in front of garden shed

The Gorilla Cart is hands down the most recommended garden item in my gardening group! Every single person said it's better than a wheelbarrow because you can navigate it more smoothly and the tub has a dumping feature. Simply lift it up to discard the material where you want it. I'm putting this on my own list! Update: I have one now and I love it!

vego raised bed

Vego Raised Garden Beds would please any gardener who has mobility issues or soil challenges. I chose these raised metal beds for my deer proof kitchen garden and I am so glad I did! They were easy to install and are very sturdy. The heights are fantastic for my lower back issues.

Book Gifts for the Gardener

Another gift idea for a gardener, especially beginners, are books about gardening. I'm adding links to the books I keep on my shelf as well as the ones my fellow gardener friends highly recommend. Nowadays so much information is available online, but sometimes it's nice to just sit and flip through a book!

quarter acre farm book

Spring Warren graciously shares her journey of transforming her yard into a garden filled with fruits and vegetables. I love that she includes recipes utilizing the harvests!

square foot gardening book

Mel Bartholomew details construction and instructions for growing in small spaces with the square foot grid method. Very informative and helpful for new and seasoned gardenrs alike!

suburban micro farm book

If you're looking for a book that spells out exactly how to grow an edible landscape with solutions to common problems, this book is it. Pictures and diagrams are plentiful! I have several post it tabs marking sections in mine!

let it rot book

Take the guess work out of composting with book filled with information and practical applications for every gardener.

week by week garden handbook

I absolutely love this book because it's more like a calendar filled with seasonal and monthly to do lists. Mine is filled with notes and dirt smudges because I refer to it constantly.

rodale's encyclopedia of gardening

One of the best resources for gardeners, Rodale's encyclopedia is a must-have. It's filled with everything you can imagine that has to do with gardening.

For novels that gardener's love to read, explore my list of favorites that I curated in Novels for the Gardener at Heart

stack of books next to plant

I hope this list is helpful for finding the perfect holiday gift! Have a Merry Christmas and may all of your gardening dreams come true!

If you need more ideas, please check out my blog post: Top 10 Favorite Garden Items

vego raised beds

To help you embrace the spirit of the holidays, please read The Joy of Christmas Decorating

brightly lit CHristmas tree in living room with peace pillow

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