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DIY Cordless Lamp

Updated: May 18

Have a spot perfect for a lamp, but no socket within reach? Make a DIY cordless lamp in under 10 minutes!

DIY cordless lamp on table
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I recently updated our screened porch for the season and found our ambient lighting was lacking. Every light source was overhead and I wanted something cozy for relaxing on the sofa.

I found this adorable wicker lamp on Amazon at a discount and loved how it looked. However, in order to add it to the end table, the cord would've been suspended in air to reach the socket. An extension cord would have been unsightly. Regardless, both solutions created tripping hazards.

Porch lamp with long cord

Therefore, I decided to cut the cord and use rechargeable light bulbs. I love how my DIY cordless lamp project turned out!!

Step 1: Choose a lamp that you are willing to permanently remove its cord. Thrift store finds, broken lamps, and inexpensive ones work great!

wicker lamp on screened porch

Step2: Make sure the lamp is NOT plugged into the socket and grab your wire cutters.

Step 3: Carefully cut the cord as close to the base as possible. My lamp had an opening underneath that worked perfectly to hide the severed end of the cord.

cutting cord on bottom of lamp

Step 4: Screw in a rechargeable light bulb and use the remote to turn it on. The bulbs I use have light warmth settings and timers.

DIY cordless lamp on table

This DIY cordless lamp looks lovely on our porch. It would also be adorable on a table at a tailgate or BBQ tables at a cookout when the sun goes down. Get creative and have fun with your own project!

DIY cordless lamp on cozy porch

For more ideas to make your porch cozier, read Cozy Porch Ideas.

cozy porch ideas pin

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