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Less is More Fall Decor at the Lake House

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Fall has officially arrived! Even here in South Carolina, the temperatures have started to drop and the leaves have begun to change color. What better way to welcome the arrival of autumn than with some seasonal decor! I'm taking a 'Less is More' approach this year. Let's take a mini tour of the lake house inside and out. I'll add links to products where I can. As we say down here, "Happy Fall, Y'all!"

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orange front door with fall wreath

Less is More Fall Decor Outside

For the outside, I like to begin with the front door. Ours is a muted orange color called Copper Wire by Sherwin-Williams and it works beautifully with the fall season. (Bonus: it hides the orange clay paw prints!) Pumpkins and autumn wreaths really stand out next to it as well. The past few years have been stressful for many families and ours was not left unscathed. Taking a simpler minimalistic approach this season has been kinder to our wallet and state of happiness. Therefore, a simple wreath that I have had for years will be the accent and some good ol' pumpkins and mums will accessorize.

wooden bench with white mums and orange pumpkin

If you have a screen porch or an outdoor patio area, consider swapping out your summer cushions/pillows for ones with warm fall tones. Lanterns with battery operated candles add a nice touch to the tables or next to a potted mum. Bob likes to change the string lights for each season. This year he swapped the white lights for yellow, orange and red. In order to fulfill my 'less is more' plan, I used what I had on hand. I moved lanterns around, reused a vase from the back of the kitchen cabinet, and tried different pillows from around the house. This was fun for me and made the process satisfying instead of stressful. Here is a Before/After of our screen porch.

white screen porch with string lights
Screen Porch Before

screen porch with fall decor
Screen Porch After

If you need to update your containers with fall plants, pop in some pansies and small evergreens for cooler temperatures. If you're like me and love mums in your fall decor, save them when they're done blooming and plant them in the garden beds. They will come back next year.

white mums and pumpkin with blue container

Less is More Fall Decor Inside

Let's move inside and check out the subtle changes I made to the interior of our home for fall. Like I said earlier, my style has changed over the last couple of years to a more minimalistic look. Masses of faux leaves and Halloween pieces used to adorn our entire house inside and out, but now I appreciate the more understated look of fall. The less cluttered home is inviting and calming to me. Don’t get me wrong; I still love to see those houses covered in lights and fun decor! It makes that homeowner happy! I just know for me, right now I find that less is more.

Here is a Before/After of the fireplace. I only added a few pieces to bring autumn inside. Note: I will relocate the twig pumpkins to the porch before we start any fires! Also, I know it blends into the stonework in the photo, but in person the gold owl on the mantle really shines as a fall accent. It's one of the few purchases I made this season, and I love the gold tones with the warm stonework.

stone fireplace with dog in front of it
Fireplace Before

stone fireplace with candles and faux leaves
Fireplace After

wooden pumpkin and gold owl on fireplace mantle

Ginger with Roots Tip*
clear storage tub with blue lid

Over the years, I have collected several tubs of seasonal decor. I used to store them in various colored tubs with lids and write on the outside with permanent marker what was inside. However, after two moves and several yard sales later, those tubs were covered with scratched out labels and faded markings. Who even knew what was in them anymore? I ended up donating those tubs to charity and investing in clear ones. What a GAME CHANGER! Now I can just grab the tub and start decorating. These are my favorite clear tubs (Amazon Link) for storing seasonal items. I use them for storing everything.

white office space with fall decor

I like to place faux pumpkins and leaves around the house. I have them in pretty much every room like a mini display of fall. They are not obtrusive; just a subtle accent to add a touch of autumn in the space.

pre-lit twig pumpkins on hearth

My favorite are the pre-lit twig pumpkins that I set on the hearth. I’ve had them for years, and they add such a nice touch at night with their soft glow. I haven't seen them this size recently, but there is a smaller version of the twig pumpkin available on Amazon.

wood armoire with lanterns and basket and white pumpkins

To add more autumn color, I tuck a few faux fall leaves/branches in various spots around the house. I used to drape them all over the fireplace mantle and upper kitchen cabinets, but now I like the subtle touch of color from one faux branch or a couple in a simple vase. This season I had to replace mine after years of use. I love the color of these faux autumn branches I purchased on Amazon. They arrived 6 in a package and definitely needed some 'fluffing' to make them look good. Otherwise, they add that perfect subtle touch I keep describing. In the photo above, I used 5 faux branches. The ones in the basket were fanned out more than the two on the left. I also twisted the 'twigs' around my finger to make them curl. "Less is More Fall Decor" is really coming together.

Next, I switch out the linens. This includes the throw pillows, kitchen towels, and bedding. Bright colors and light cotton materials are swapped out with softer warmer tones and velvety textures. This time of year, you can find great deals on faux fur blankets at TJ Maxx and Amazon. I usually put one at the foot of each bed and over the backs of chairs. I also keep a large basket stacked with cozy blankets by the sofa. I think Tallulah enjoys them even more than we do!

dog snuggling in blanket

bed with green velvet bedding and fall decor on nightstand

navy blue kitchen with white subway tile and fall decor

In the kitchen, I make a few simple changes. First I replace the salt and pepper shakers with these cute little pumpkin ones I bought years ago at Williams-Sonoma. I also add in some dishes that are orange, brown or deep gold to complement the plain white set that is for day to day use. I found several bowls this season at TJ Maxx. I used a few of them in my recent blog post called 10 Soups for Fall. I love love love my Le Creuset Flame colored bakeware. This is definitely the time of year to bring it out.

Finally, I place several battery operated candles on timers in my lanterns and inside ceramic pumpkin luminaries. They turn on every evening and off after a few hours all by themselves and add a nice glow to the kitchen and porch after the sun goes down. I especially love these battery operated candles that have a remote control because you can adjust the length of time that they are illuminating.

Bonus Inspiration Pics

I'm adding a couple more inspiration photos from my sister's and mother's front porches. Enjoy!

bale of hay with flowers and gourds
My sister, Suzie, uses a bale of hay to display her fall decor.

scarecrow with fall leaves sitting on a barrel
My mom has this heart warming display on her front porch.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to summer, but hopefully this blog post inspires you to add some easy fall decor to your home this season. Warm up by the fire in a cozy blanket with some yummy soup. Pull out that book you've been meaning to read and relax. Happy Fall, Y'all!

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